Sopris Unlimited
Sopris Email Update from September 2009

Greetings from La Veta, Colorado!
   We've made some exciting changes this year, and this note is both an update and an invitation to participate in some of those changes. 

Same Quality, New Name
   First and foremost, our halters, leads and other equipment have been getting rave reviews from owners of non-camelids, so this year we expanded our product line to serve the needs of goats and sheep in addition to llamas and alpacas. Because of this expansion, we have changed our name from Mt. Sopris Llamas Unltd. to Sopris Unlimited. Each animal has its own site, but all can be accessed through If you see a need for a product that we don't carry, please contact me personally.

Redesigned and Expanded Website
   Sopris Unlimited’s Communications Director (my daughter, Alexa Metrick) has spent the last six months re-designing our website and adapting some of the Web 2.0 technologies (Flickr, Facebook, to our needs (which we call Sopris 2.0).  We hope you will enjoy the new developments enough to add some of your own comments and photos. Feel free to email Alexa at with any questions or suggestions regarding our online presence.
   The new site includes a lot of information about our products and how they work. We think it is important to have this information available; it takes the guesswork out of purchasing online. If we haven’t answered your questions, please call me and I will do my best to help you. And if you receive a Sopris product that doesn’t meet your expectations, send it back for replacement or refund.
   I want to thank Alexa for all the time and hard work she has given to the design of our new Sopris Unlimited website. If you have comments about our site (things that are good, things that might be improved), please take the time to let Alexa know.

Contribute Photos to the Sopris Unlimited Flickr Group
   Our new Flickr group is called Sopris Unlimited Action Photos and it’s the place where our fantastic customers can upload photos of the new cria in her Sopris Cria Warming Coat or a favorite alpaca wearing a Sopris halter in the show ring. If the photo features one of your animals and a Sopris product, we want to see it!

Llama & Alpaca Owners: Come see us at the GALA Conference in Ithaca, New York
   I am the keynote speaker for The Greater Appalachian Llama and Alpaca Association (GALA) Conference in Ithaca, NY, in November, and I will also be conducting training and packing seminars during the conference. Alexa will also be in attendance and would love to meet you and hear your feedback on our new website.

Register for updates from Sopris Unlimited
   To receive periodic updates on my planned appearances at future conferences and pack clinics, new products and stories about my recent trips and events, sign up here. And we'd like to assure you again that we absolutely do not sell, rent or give your information to anyone.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Charlie Hackbarth
President, Sopris Unlimited