Sopris Unlimited

Clinics Offered by Charlie Hackbarth
and Bill Redwood of Redwood Llamas

Charlie Hackbarth partners with Bill Redwood of Redwood Llamas to provide learn-to-pack clinics in Silverton, Colorado.

Our Day Hike is a basic introduction to llama packing. A guide will provide information on use of the llama and will pack the llamas with the necessary gear for the hike and you will be able to lead your own llama if you so desire.

Our one-day clinics prepare participants to safely work with a leased llama in addition to teaching the fundamentals of llama handling and training. Three day clinics are designed to give participants a complete knowledge of llama packing, including the commercial aspects of llama use.

Our one-day clinic (the first day of our three-day clinic) is held in Silverton and will provide instruction in three areas. For the individual llama owner, instruction will focus on building handler confidence and developing training, handling and packing techniques.

For those who wish to perfect their packing and/or outfitting skills, the second and third days of the three-day clinics will be spent on the trail where you will get HANDS-ON-EXPERIENCE and instruction in all aspects of packing and camping with llamas. Three-day clinics will certify you for both on and off trail hiking.

   2010 Cost

   Day Hike
   Includes Lunch

   One Day Clinic $125.00
   Includes Lunch

   Three Day Clinic $750.00