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Pack Animal Magazine
Pack Animal Magazine, formerly The Backcountry Llama Magazine

Pack Animal Magazine is a quarterly, four-color, print magazine that tells the stories of people exploring the great outdoors with llamas, goats, donkeys, yaks... and any number of other animals that will happily follow you up the trail while hauling all your stuff. But a pack animal is a means to an end, albeit a companionable one, so they also print stories that matter to the hiker, the fly angler, the conservationist, the hunter, the climber, the plein air painter, the nature photographer, the mountain biker, the backcountry skier, the trail maintenance crew member—basically, anyone who values our public land. Every issue contains regular columns about navigation skills, camp recipes, public land advocacy, minimum impact camping, accessibility, conservation, and more. [For the last thirty years, Pack Animal Magazine was called The Backcountry Llama. Alexa Metrick, Charlie Hackbarth's daughter, bought it in 2013 and re-named it in January of 2018.]

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$22: 1 year (4 issues)
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$33 (US): 1 year outside continental US and Canada
$10 (US): 1 year (4 issues) DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION ONLY
$27: 1 year (4 issues) + DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION
$43.00: 2 years (8 issues)+ DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION

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