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Sopris Rain Covers Instructions

Our rain covers are made of urethane-coated oxford nylon. This material is lightweight, flexible, very water resistant and has a high tensile strength.

Shock cords with nylon hooks run through the seam on each end of the cover. The hooks attach quickly and easily to the bottom outside pannier "D" rings. An extra "D" ring is provided at each point. The Sopris Rain Cover will protect your sleeping bags, pads, tents and any other gear that is tied to the top of the saddle and panniers.

rain cover instructions

Hypothermic conditions may exist at certain times when transporting your animal to and from the trailhead or during your stay in the high country. In these situations, the Sopris Deluxe Rain Cover doubles as a raincoat for your animal. Just use the three straps provided and stored in the convenient zippered pocket.
1. The medium-length strap is the neck strap. It has two "D" rings that clip into the hooks on one end of the cover.
2. The longest strap is the body strap that clips into the center buckle on the cover and runs under the llama to the buckle on the other side.
3. The short strap with a "D" ring on each end is the tail strap. Connect this strap to the bungee hooks on the other end of the cover and pull the cover over your animal's rump.

Both rain covers may also be used to cover saddles and other equipment while in camp.