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Sopris Unlimited
Sopris Rookie Saddle Instructions

About your Sopris Rookie Saddle:

The support structure of your Sopris Rookie Saddle consists of two cylinders that are lined with 5/8”-thick closed cell foam. Within each cylinder are two flexible plastic tubes. Each plastic tube is enclosed in a 3/8” thick closed cell foam tube (a total of 1 inch of shock-resistant padding). The plastic tube ends extend past the foam tube and are turned up and rounded to prevent contact with the shoulder and pelvic areas. The cylinders rest on the back muscles. The Sopris Rookie Saddle will comfortably support a recommended 50 lb. maximum load.

Two quick release buckles on the front of the saddle (the front is identified by the Sopris label) connect to the chest strap. Two quick release buckles to the rear of the saddle (the draw string end) connect to the breeching strap. The Pannier Stabilizing Bar slips over the pannier hooks located on the top of the saddle’s cylinders.

Attaching the panniers to the saddle:
1. Two stabilizing straps on the bottom of each pannier clip into the saddle’s front and rear cinches to keep the panniers from flying up when your animal is jumping. Pull on the straps to tighten the panniers down on the saddle hooks.
2: A strap is attached to each side of the top of the saddle, near the pannier hooks. This strap is looped around the stabilizing bar and fed through a buckle to hold the panniers down on the saddle hooks.

The two Accessory Straps located between the cylinders on the top of the saddle are used to tie on top loads. A ring at the rear of the saddle is used to tie another animal behind to lead in a string.