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Sopris Unlimited
Sopris Roughy Saddle Instructions

This comfortable, tough llama saddle is made of northern white ash, plastic and bioplastic. The same ash horns used in the (discontinued) Sopris Classic Saddle are used here, but are coated with black rubber paint to increase durability and to match the black plastic support bars. Velcro strips on the bottom side of the saddle attach to Velcro on the pad. Roughy support bars are pre-bent with the same curve as the Classic slats, ensuring that their ends curve away from your llama to prevent digging and bruising.

Versatile and lightweight, the Roughy Saddle is perfect for both the performance ring and camping. The Sopris Split Pad is used with the Sopris Roughy Saddle. Velcro strips on the bottom side of the saddle align with the Velcro on the pad, making the saddle and pad a convenient single unit.

Vertical spinal clearance: 1- 1/2"
Horizontal spinal clearance: 3"
Length: 17"
Weight excluding split pad and cinches: 4 pounds

It is important for the llama’s comfort that you distinguish between the front and rear of the saddle: The Sopris name is branded (faintly) on the FRONT SADDLE HORN and also on the underside of the two PLASTIC BARS (rounded end) identifying the FRONT of the saddle. It is important that the saddle be placed in this position on the llama's back.