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Chest Strap and Breeching Instructions

33.00  RIGB

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The breeching (sometimes called a butt strap) works with the cinches to ensure that the saddle stays in place when going down steep descents with heavy loads.

Use of the chest strap and breeching is recommended on all saddles when packing heavy loads in mountainous terrain. These straps may seem complicated at first, but taking a few extra minutes to learn how to use them will save you time and frustration in the long run. Your animal will quickly learn to accept the chest strap and breeching, so don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Our breeching are made of 1/4" felt sewn to strong, soft, nylon webbing. Strong, solid brass metal snaps clip to the saddle’s "D" rings, and adjust with Super Loc adjusting buckles.

When used with horn saddles (the Roughy or the discontinued Classic or Rigged Ralide), it comes with a loop to connect to the saddle horn. When used with a soft saddle, it comes with a snap to connect to the rear saddle ring at the spine. When ordering, please indicate with which saddle type the breeching will be used.