Sopris Unlimited
Testimonials from Our Customers
Praise For Our Packs
    "Dreamstar Llamas would like to thank you for the years of great use we have had with the Sopris Classic and Roughy saddles & pannier systems. The saddles & panniers required minimal maintenance and still are doing the job. The quick draw cinch & snaps make it really easy to put the Sopris saddle on and take it off while the llama just stands there with no worries. The pannier stabilizer buckles are great keeping the load in place up and down the trail in combination with the chest and breeching straps attached to the saddle.
    The panniers and rain fly have kept our gear secure and dry while hiking the back country. They also worked as a floatation device once by accident when the llama started to swim a beaver pond (not a recommended practice). The panniers just floated up with the sleeping bags still inside, and when the panniers were removed only one sleeping bag had gotten a little wet. That was also after hiking several miles in the rain. The leaky tent is another story. Do you make tents to go with the panniers?"
          Dave Lockwood of Dreamstar Llamas
    "Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your Sopris saddle. We have been using it often since the mid-1990’s with no repairs needed. We always put it on our strongest llama with the heaviest load. The Washington Trails Association had a couple of their 'carriers' and your saddle was easily adapted to carry them. We also have one [competitor's saddle], four [competitor's saddle], and one [competitor's saddle]. Yours is the strongest, while the others are good for specific uses."
          Jim and Sara Thomas, of Lake Chelan Llamas in Lake Chelan, Washington
    "Thank you very much for helping the employees of Verizon Wireless in our efforts to expand the capacity of our cell site near Bailey, CO during the Hi Meadow Fire. This greatly improved the communications of the emergency and news teams, and homeowners. As always, your pack equipment performed flawlessly to get our high-dollar test equipment & tools safely to the top of the mountain."
          Vince Koutnik, A-Team for Verizon Wireless
    "I used the Mt. Sopris System on my 1,000 mile hike from California to Canada. Using the Sopris System, my llamas were able to carry 80 pounds and travel an average of fifteen miles per day. After 114 days on the trail, my llamas had no sings of bruising, chafing, or of having saddle sores. I was able to adjust the saddles to meet the changing trail conditions, and was never concerned as to whether the equipment would last. As a matter of fact, after 1,000 miles of daily use the system looks almost new. The Mt. Sopris System was an integral part of what is believed to be a record setting trip."
          Peter Illyn
Letters About Our Halters
    "As the North Carolina Adoption Coordinator for the Southeast Llama Rescue, when I place llamas in their foster or adoptive homes I send them with a new halter and lead. While there are many wonderful halters available (and I own several of them), I send each adopted llama to their new home with a Sopris halter. Your design means that the new owners don't have to spend several minutes adjusting various buckles trying to achieve a proper fit only to find the noseband buckle in the way of the lead ring or have the halter 'fall away' just at the moment it should be slipping easily over the nose. Being able to correctly fit a halter on their llama gives new owners who have little haltering experience a feeling of confidence, and I rest easier knowing that the llamas will be properly haltered."
          Pat Cothran, NC Adoption Coordinator of the Southeast Llama Rescue
    "Charlie, we met at the 2006 GALA Conference and I told you about the problem of finding halters to fit one of my llamas. You suggested trying your halter and I’ve been using the one you sent in a variety of situations (packing, training, and driving) and my big roman nose boy is comfortable and able to take training treats in all situations. Thank you for making this style of halter. I like it so much I will be ordering more for my other llamas. I think your pack systems are wonderful, as well--I have three: a lumbar day/training, a full size lumbar, and Sopris pack saddle system. I love them. Thanks again."
          Diane Pinell-Baker
    "The halters from Mt. Sopris are the best alpaca halters that I have ever used. Not only are they well-made, but the way the straps criss-cross under the jaw make this an ideal fit for adult alpacas of different sizes. My work involves both medical treatment and maintenance of alpacas and llamas. It is so important to have a simple, well-made and nice-looking halter that works. I don't have time to adjust a halter every time I use it or have the room to hang each alpaca's halter in a special place with a name tag specifically meant for him/her. I just want to grab a halter and run and do what I have to do. My clients especially like the cria halters. When crias come in for transfusions, medical treatment or just routine blood draws, the cria halters help us to restrain the animal in a safe way. Thank you, Charlie, for your fantastic halters and your excellent customer service."
          Michelle Ing, DVM, in Granite Bay, California
    "We received our first Sopris halters at Estes Park Wool and Fiber Festival in 2008, and they have become indispensable when dealing with our Jacob sheep! We often use the Sopris halters at home as they are easy to handle, even for novices! We had a neighbor feeding for us while we were out of town, and they had to give a sheep shots, and they had no trouble figuring out how to put on and use a Sopris halter! In the show ring, the Sopris halters are handy on our big four-horn rams, as we don’t have to stretch out a rope halter to fit over the horns; they slide right on. They are also handy for use with sheep, and come in sizes small enough to fit small lambs--and again, they STAY ON those little lamb heads without rubbing the eyes. The halters look nice and professional, they fit properly, and they are easy to slide off and on. When you’re showing a number of animals, the ease of haltering is a big deal, allowing us to get to and from the show ring without worrying about an animal slipping out of a halter, and allowing us to get them in and out of the halters without a fuss.
    Unfortunately, we have parted with a few over the year, not due to the product failing but because they were perfect for shipping animals across the country! These nice halters can be left on an animal in transit. We used professional shippers, and all have commented that it was easy to handle the sheep when transporting them to other parts of the country when they are wearing these halters! We even shipped a pair of sheep with a horse hauler, and he had to transfer the sheep out of the dog crates they were shipped in. He liked being able to reach into the crate, snap a lead on the handy ring, and have a safely contained animal with no worry of the halters slipping off the head like many sheep halters do! We have also used them on our fainting goats, many of which are naturally polled animals and virtually impossible to keep a halter on, but the design of the Sopris keeps the halter from sliding off the goat’s head. Thank you Sopris for providing a product that WORKS!"
          Brian & Jennifer Tucker of Moose Mtn. Ranch in Bennett, CO
Reviews of Charlie's Book
    "The author delivers on the promise of the subtitle. This is indeed 'an entertaining and educational guide to using llamas in the back country.' Hackbarth has a lot of neat writing tricks. Don’t be fooled by the 'aw shucks' jokes. This guy can write. Thanks to good editing and good writing, this book goes down like a smooth single-malt. Even though his packing treks rarely prove to be easy, Hackbarth makes the writing look easy. So whether you’re a llama lover or an adventure freak, sit back and let a master take you on a memorable journey."
          Melanie R Forde, of Llama Life II
    "Through Tales of the Trail, Hackbarth offers the reader laughs, adventure and drama while at the same time providing much practical information for anyone who might be interested in trekking with llamas. A recommended read for those who venture into the backcountry as well as for those who never will."
          Tom Macedo, of the Huerfano World in Walsenburg, Colorado