Sopris Quick Draw Cinch System Information

  • Strong, comfortable, easy to use cinches snap into any saddle with rings

  • Soft felt sewn to 3” webbing

  • 1” wide nylon strap with a metal snap easily adjusts through a metal thumb-press buckle

  • Four side release buckles, two on the front cinch and two on the rear cinch pointing toward each other connect to the Pannier Stabilizing Straps

  • Two additional side release buckles pointing rearward on the rear cinch connect to the Diagonal Breeching Strap

  • Cinch Connecting Strap with a Tri-Glide adjustment buckle keep the cinches the proper distance from each other- Easiest to estimate and adjust this strap before saddling. Goat packers will pull cinches all the way together.

Product Measurements:

Goat- Front cinch (Sopris logo tag)

  • 12” long from buckle to buckle- 3 ½” wide

  • Rear cinch 14” long from buckle to buckle- 3 ½”wide

  • Billet Straps- 24” long

  • Weight- 1 lb. 8 oz.

  • Color: Black

All other animals- Front cinch (Sopris logo tag)

  • 16” long from buckle to buckle-3 ½” wide

  • Rear cinch 18” long from buckle to buckle- 3 ½”wide

  • Billet Straps- 30” long

  • Weight- 2 lbs.

  • Color: Black