Discontinued Color SoprisX Halter

Discontinued Color SoprisX Halter

from 14.15

Save $1.50 per halter by letting us pick the color from our surplus of discontinued colors.

The SoprisX halter is the best halter on the market for your animal (llama, alpaca, sheep, goat, miniature cattle/horses/donkeys, yak, and more):

Superior Construction

  • Sopris halters are Amish-sewn

  • We use only solid brass hardware on our halters & leads

Easy to use

  • Stand-up nose band won't flop to cause haltering difficulties

  • No clutter of adjusting buckles; simply tighten or loosen the crown strap for adjustment

  • Won't restrict movement-each halter size automatically adjusts to a wide range of nose sizes


  • Won't slip down and tighten on your animal’s nose

  • Noseband pressure actually decreases as the lead is tightened

  • Provides clear communication during training sessions and shows

  • Strong enough to withstand restraint and sudden surprises

  • Subtle and classy look for shows


  • No offset edges or uncomfortable hardware next to your animal's face

  • Just loosen the crown strap to allow for comfortable chewing

  • Tighten crown strap to enhance control and communication during training, showing, and restraint

Sopris Halter Sizing Chart

Size #1-#4: $14.15
Size #5-#7: $17.00
Size #8-#10: $21.05

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