Sopris Deluxe Panniers

Sopris Deluxe Panniers

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Sopris Deluxe Panniers have extra-large compartments and pockets and are extremely durable. Ideal for llamas, donkeys, ponies, extra-large goats, miniature donkeys/horses, and animals of similar size.

  • Each pannier has one large compartment with a double-zippered pocket at each end

  • Main compartment (excluding pockets) measures 20 inches long, 19 inches high, 8 inches deep (includes draw string top)

  • Each exterior pocket is 17 inches high, 8 inches wide and 3 inches deep, ideal for storing personal gear, water, snacks, maps, and last-minute items

  • Total volume per pannier set (including pockets) is approximately 7,712 cubic inches

  • A set (of four) horn straps are required to use the panniers with Sopris Roughy, Sopris Classic (discontinued), or other frame-type saddles

  • Pannier Stabilizing Bar can be removed to add Horn Straps or to wash panniers

  • Space at the center of the Pannier Bar is used for the Security Strap attachment, as a carrying handle, and a load scale weighing point

  • Draw string top and easy-to-adjust 1.5-inch quick-release buckles to secure lid

  • Two Accessory Straps sewn on each pannier lid allow sleeping bags or other top loads to be tied length-wise on the pannier

  • Top lid itself can also be used to secure items (tent poles, sleeping bags, pads, etc.)

  • Two detachable 1.5-inch x 72-inch Vertical Compression Straps run from pannier bottom, up and over the top of the panniers and/or top load to the opposite pannier to pull load up and in to the center of gravity

  • Two detachable Stabilizing Straps on each pannier connect to the front and rear cinches to keep panniers down and stable during jumps, etc.

  • Two solid brass rings toward the bottom outside of each pannier connect to the Sopris Rain Cover hooks

  • Double-fabric bottom reinforcement

  • Weight (including Horn Straps) 7 lbs. 2 oz.

  • Colors: Red, Navy, and new colors Olive Green and Royal Blue

  • Limited Supply of Forest Green

without horn straps: $340.00
with horn straps: $354.00

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