Sopris Deluxe Rain Cover

Sopris Deluxe Rain Cover

from 37.00

Made of urethane-coated water-resistant oxford nylon. Lightweight, flexible and easily stored in the panniers when not in use. Used on the trail to protect your top load i.e. sleeping bags, pads, tents, jackets, etc. from the weather. Used in camp to cover equipment from inclement weather. Hypothermic conditions may exist during your stay in the high country or while you are transporting your animal. These covers, although not insulated, will help keep the moisture off and the body heat in.

Colors: Red, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, and Hunter’s Orange
Limited Supply: Forest Green

Small-  Designed for use with our Intermediate panniers and sized to fit goats under 135 lbs./32” withers and alpacas while in camp.

Medium- Designed for use with our Deluxe Lite Panniers but will also work with Deluxe and Standard panniers over a smaller top load. The Medium Deluxe Rain Cover is sized to fit goats over 160 lbs./34” withers, and alpacas while in camp.

Large- Designed for use with our largest Deluxe and Standard panniers. Sized to fit llamas while in camp.

Small: $37.00, weighs 8 oz.
Medium: $40.10, weighs 9 oz.
Large: $44.80, weighs 12 oz.

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